Html5 export and glowfilters issue

Hi there !

I’m trying to use glowfilter on textfields and some buttons on a html5 export, here are the issues i’m facing;

I want to get this result with a button ;

Here’s the code i’m using:

var closeBtn:MovieClip = cast(getChildByName("close_btn"), MovieClip);
var glowFilter:GlowFilter = new GlowFilter(0xFF9900, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, false, false);
btnClose.filters = [glowFilter];

But that’s what it does:

It think the property “inner” of the glowfilter has some issues, it doesn’t seem to do anything different if i set inner to true or false.

I’ve got the same issue trying to add a glowfilter on a textfield, here’s the result i try to get:

And this is the html5 export:

Even if it can’t be done using glowfilter, do you have any lead/ideas to make an outline on textfield for html5 ?

I also realized that filters don’t work on html5 canvas build, do you know any means to do something equivalent ?
I tried looking for solutions but didn’t find anything much :frowning: .

Thanks for reading.

ps: my openfl version is 4.9.2-Lv6pxC and lime 4.0.3

We have a hack in place to add outlines like above if you add it as the first filter to a TextField directly, adding to a parent MovieClip will not work.

I hope after cacheAsBitmap is completed, we’ll be able to do more with full filter support

Thanks for the info ^^. Having glowfilter support on textfield on html5 canvas build is great news for me :slight_smile:.

Any idea when the cacheAsBitmap will be completed ?

There’s a feature branch in OpenFL with cacheAsBitmap, it’s initially working, but needs additional performance testing