HTML5 default.json

Hi all.

Just out of curiosity - what’s the purpose of manifest/default.json
if targeting HTML5?

You could have multiple asset libraries, which may (or may not) be preloaded, so on a larger project, you might also have level1.json, level2.json or images.json – whatever someone names their asset libraries.

I think we embed the default JSON though on HTML5 if all the assets are preloaded, you could delete it and see if it gets regenerated.

Thanks singmajesty.

Is this file really required for the final release build?
I couldn’t find a reference to it in the generated javascript and it doesn’t seem
to make a difference if I delete the whole ‘manifest’ folder from the ‘bin’ folder.

If you delete it and it does not regenerate when you build the project, then we are embedding it (since a newer version of OpenFL) and the written file is no longer required. If it is regenerated, then perhaps we are using it when loading asset files?

Yeah, if I delete the whole html5/ (including html5/bin | html5/haxe | html5/obj) folder, recompile
the project and afterwards delete the default.json file from html5/bin/manifest folder, the game
runs as usual. It’s OpenFL 7.1.2