Html5 Canvas rendering problems when movieclip has color Effect styles

I take assets from swf file and if any of movieclip has some color effect style like brightness, tint or even alpha it looks really blurry, especially fonts, when the window is scaled down. In webGl it looks fine, only in Canvas

for example first three buttons have brightness, the fourth one doesnt

any ideas?

Hmm perhaps these are coming through as a ColorMatrixFilter and causing cacheAsBitmap on these objects

yes i tried to add filters and colormatrixfilter also on Textfield and when it is scaled down it looks really blurry. an also if in swf assets movieclip has modified alpha property it acts same like filters, so i guess openfl gets the alpha property as colorMatrixFilter as well.

I also opened the ticket on github, so you can check the example there too,