[HTML5] Can't compile on a new installation of FD + Haxe

I have just updated FlashDevelop installation on a Mac+CrossOver system (in a mint new “bottle”), and now I get this error when compiling

Can’t recognize ‘haxe bin/html5/haxe/debug.hxml’ as an internal or external command, or batch script.
Build halted with errors.

What is it?

First, make sure that haxe works properly, without arguments. Second, perhaps it does not like the path to the HXML file, or there’s a problem with line endings, perhaps it wants \n not \r\n (Unix, not Windows line endings)

Well, FlashDevelop has always worked ok till yesterday, do you think the latest Haxe introduced problems with endings?
The installation paths are the default ones, not custom ones.
I will give haxe a try, but it has been installed from scratch, I wonder why it should be messed up.

EDIT: haxe doesn’t work. How do I set the environment variables in CrossOver/Wine?

set HAXEPATH=C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\

don’t do anything

EDIT 2: well, adding path (to x:\Haxetoolkit\haxe) in the environment variables is ok, it exists, but going in the haxe folder and executing haxe.exe directly doesn’t work, it is an unrecognized command! What the… ?!

It happened again, and the solution is: CrossOver needs haxe 32bit, not 64bit, so installing the 32bit version everything start working!

Sorry if I didn’t report the solution one year ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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