HTML5, black area

After few minutes while playing with the app, a black color would cover the app making it un-usable, as in the attachment below:

Is there any recommendation to follow in order to avoid this?

Does this happen in all browsers?

Are there errors in the console?

What browser and version are you using?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am still waiting a response from a user who reported this…

It could be an issue with graphics drivers, I’ve seen this happen before (sometimes) and had to reboot for any WebGL content to work properly (on any site)

Hello @singmajesty

After about two years, would this issue happen in the new release of OpenFL using webgl ? or its completely sorted?

Because I’ve been using -Dcanvas key sense I created this thread, and it works fine… until openfl version 8.9.1 I think…

Do you encourage to start using webgl?

Sometimes WebGL can run out of memory and it will not run until the user re-opens the tab or (sometimes) restarts the browser but this is only with lower-end devices

I think that WebGL is perfectly stable for the majority of users

Thanks, but shouldn’t results in both webgl and canvas cased builds be the same? excluding only the performance factor?

I am asking so, because results in canvas build is different from webgl build when it comes to glowing filters, shouldn’t they be the same? like my thread here: [HTML5] Glow filter color doesn't seem to have effect