HTML5 background transparency broken

in html I initialize with
lime.embed (“openfl-content”, 512, 512);
so is called with color = null.

Each render cycle I call
GL.clearColor( 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);

I’d tweaked DOMRenderer.render() from = stage.__colorString;
to = if(stage.__transparent) “transparent” else stage.__colorString;

This worked for the previous release of Lime/OpenFL, but for the current release the background of the render is a solid black, ie no transparency.

Has anything changed in the way transparency is handled?

Regards, Jake

I can’t think of any commit that did that,

If you want to find out you can use a development version of openfl and use the feature git bisect.

You’d have to change DOMRenderer.render each time (btw you should do a pull request for that).

Although for html5 we changed the default from canvas to webgl,
both of which shouldn’t call DOMRenderer,
but if dom you can’t use GL.X,
I’m confused.

What command are you using to compile?