Html5 3D Racing Game

Hello everyone,

this is a game, we developed for a client of us. It’s an .html5 game and there is also an iPad version the client used for company internal promotion.
It’s based on an openfl port of an engine I developed in flash / Stage3d two years ago. Beside some basic shader effects it features octree-based visibilty testing and some clever code for collision detection. :slight_smile:

You can also play a round here:


I’m really impressed :-). It run smooth on my laptop. Any chance to open source the engine?

Amazing performance and graphics, it works really smooth in the browser

WOW! It really really nice!

It’s beautiful!:grinning:

Hi, did you upload the open FL library to the server to run this game??

Very Nice Job. Congrats!!!

Hi Lars, Can I hire you to create something like that, how much would it cost? Well I need it for a prototype game can you send me a quote or contact me for this matter.


One year later: if you look into the js source, then you can find out it’s Away3D. The physics are presumably selfmade. But one could use Bullet/Ammo.js for that too.

Hi Zipfe_Adam

the Away3D engine is included, but I only use it for initializing the stage3d context.
Your post sounds a little bit unfriendly. Do you really think I’m claiming things here I didn’t do?
I’m a lecturer in master program teaching my students programming of 3d graphics, I know my stuff.

Was telling the others who maybe are interested. You didn’t answer for almost a year, but now because you are pissed? Hahaha. Calm down.

Hi Can you build something like this for me? How much would it cost?

please advice

@luisfigo, I don’t think your first post made it entirely clear that you wrote everything (besides the Stage3D initialization) yourself. @Zipfe_Adam wasn’t being rude in his first post, he was simply mistaken.

Honestly, neither of you needed to be this hostile…

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