HTML/WebKit rendering?

Hey guys!

I’m looking for a way to utilize OpenFL as backend to HTML interface rendering, sort of the way that PhoneGap/Apache Cordova works.
Do you see any way of firing WebKit or any other HTML renderer for that purpose?

Btw. I think that there is a huge gap to be filled, and OpenFL could gain a lot if there is such way of creating apps for mobile targets. Native coding + easy interfacing would be really useful :slight_smile:

Do you want to use OpenFL inside of PhoneGap or Cordova, or are you hoping to do something different?

I would love to do the other way around - create OpenFL app, and just use any HTML interfacing engine.
@singmajesty do you know the solution the way you write - use OpenFL inside Cordova? That might do for me, if there is no other way.

The HTML5 output can certainly be embedded in PhoneGap, Electron and other HTML content wrappers.

I believe there is an extension-webview that may work for mobile platforms, which could help you do the opposite direction?

I gave it a quick try yesterday (in an Haxeflixel project) and couldn’t get it to display anything, but maybe I did something wrong.

This extension is more or less something I was looking for, and it works fine with little changes, BUT it works “only” on Android and iOS - meaning it would be hard to create anything when there is no option to quickly openfl test neko :wink:

I think the idea for this extension is similar to this from PhoneGap/Cordova.

The better option would be to have a built-in OpenFL HTML renderer, I wish there is one…
Could OpenFL core team share an opinion on this? Is there any chance to make it happen? :slight_smile:

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I’m open to adding an HTML embed to Lime, if it’s stable enough, and wouldn’t require too many changes for new OS releases, etc. The biggest problem is solving how we handle it on the desktop, where there is no “webview extension”

Popping a HTML window could prove to be useful indeed, but the major drawback would be having no way of communicating freely (and natively) back-and-forth with such “UI”. I’m testing this method for few days by now, I even created HTTP socket server in OpenFL to serve such pages via localhost connection. Still, there is not much more you can do except displaying HTML and waiting for some REST requests.

How crazy is the idea of implementing own HTML renderer inside OpenFL? Having one - even with limited HTML features - would be VERY useful.

Is there a way to communicate with the window in the extension-webview project?