HTML target cacheBreak


i was setting up a CDN, with lots of cache settings for bigger files etc. But it did not work for my haxe project, which made me crazy. Then i realized, that the cache was bypassed with “__cacheBreak” in AssetLibrary.hx. Is there any clean way to disable it?


I believe you can set Assets.cache.version yourself, and that will affect the string appended to the end when requesting assets.

There isn’t currently a define to disable the behavior, though. I wouldn’t be against it


Thanks, that helps.I have set version to 0, but i’m still not happy about the extra parameter, so i do the cachebreak only if Assets.cache.version is not 0. Maybe this could be done with Assets.cache.version as a Null<Int> to be super clean? :slight_smile:


I’d be okay with handling the parameter only if greater than zero. We could assume that cache breaking applies to non-zero versions (and that no parameter “is” the zero version)