HTML target Assets.getFont not working?

lime 2.6.1
openfl 3.2.2

Having trouble with Assets.getFont() in HTML target. Here are my results:
(For these examples, someFont.ttf does not exist and myFont.ttf does exist)

  • Assets.getFont( “fnt/someFont.ttf” ) / Assets.getFont( “fnt/myFont” ) / any invalid string id

    Assets.hx:233: [Assets] There is no Font asset with an ID of “fnt/someFont.ttf” (or “fnt/myFont”)
    -returns an empty Font object with no properties.

  • Assets.getFont( “fnt/myFont.ttf” )

    Uncaught TypeError: cl is not a function
    -completely crashes game (no render)
    -fails in LimeAssets.getFont (id, false); (Assets.hx:155)

Am I doing something wrong or is this system broken? I can lift this info to the bug tracker if necessary. I’m just trying to get the font name, where myFont.ttf might have a name of “My Font”.

Note that if I manually just set the text format object to new TextFormat( “My Font”, 26 ) it works just fine, but I need a way to derive that string instead of bake it.

Do “AddingText” or “PiratePig” work? They both use fonts, and should be helpful to test :slight_smile: