[html] How to disable keyboard suggestions on mobile targets?

can you please help if there is any way to disable keyboard suggestions for html5 targets?


stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, onKeyDown);

function onKeyDown(e:KeyboardEvent):Void{

sorry, this is not working

I don’t think that’s currently possible with OpelFL/Lime API (or HTML API for that matter) as that functionality is embedded in the selected keyboard app of the mobile os.

in openfl 8, suggestions were not visible, and they appeared when I updated to openfl 9.

and actually, it caused some problems on html5 target and that’s why I am trying to disable it somehow.

Build for both v8 and v9 and see the difference between the two html input fields in Inspector. That’s all I can think of, that there’s an input tag property that changes the softkeyboard’s behavior

openfl 9.1.0

openfl 8.9.6