HTML 5 Target Preloader problem!


my project was working perfectly then i changed something and recompiled and uploaded to the server and it is getting stuck in the preload process .

i started debugging.

i am embedding fonts in my project .


the bin folder is empty i am going to compile the project .

with : image
with : image

it is showing warnings :

however i can find the fonts in the bin folder so the project loads smoothly in the local server.

but when i upload the project to the server it is getting stuck at the end and after some seconds & throwing an error:

then i found out [ -v ]

now again the same process but with : image

it compiled smoothly without any warning or other errors :


and i can see the loading process in the console log :

on web and local


and i can see my project loaded too no problem at all .

how can i compile it without [ -v ] because it is showing all the loading progress information and it is unsafe for my project. i don’t know if it is with my project or with the preloader.

update : it is also not loading in Android Chrome beta browser.

Strange, what about openfl test html5 -clean?

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Hi, @singmajesty thanks for the tip it worked.


finally client is happy :smiley: