HowTo Obfuscate/Minify Android build?

Before i publish my first 2 games on Android i would like to obfuscate/minify them.

I tried using ProGuard, but failed to build my code with it.

What are the best ways to minify/obfuscate for Android?

I managed to get ProGuard working. My settings file looks like this:

-keep public class com.player03.** {
    public *;
-keep class org.haxe.** {
    public *;

Obviously replace “player03” with whatever your package is. And as for the second one, I think it’s important to write “class” rather than “public class.”

Note that ProGuard only obfuscates Java code, not C++ binaries. Fortunately, C++ binaries are incredibly hard to decompile. That’s probably why ProGuard doesn’t bother with them: they’re pretty well obfuscated already.

Thanks for your reply player_03, actualy it was one of your other post which helped me to enable proguard.
Apparently i got confused/wasnt aware about the fact that my haxe code ends up as a c++ binary.
Therefore i am fine without it.
Still thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!