Howto: iOS with Air


we have finished porting our codebase from AS3 to Haxe and OpenFL. (yay) The last remaining target is iOS and we have problems with building the app. What is the recommended way to create an iOS app from Haxe / OpenFL code through Air?

We have a number of Adobe native extensions that we want to continue to use, is this currently supported with OpenFL? Documenation on the Air process is sparse so we just want to make sure we get everything right. Are all adt commands supported / mirrored in OpenFL or do we just create a .swf file with OpenFL and then call adt manually to create the IPA?

Thanks in advance.


You could use your own ADT commands, but we have some supported when you do the following

openfl test air -ios

I believe support is in for AIR native extensions as well, like:

<dependency path="to/extension.ane" if="air" />
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