How to use swflite?

I’m trying to port a project to HTML5.

I use the swf library for native targets. I do understand for HTML5 I need to used Swflite. How do I specify this?

I tried haxelib name=“swf” type=“swflite”/ ; library path=“bin/swf/library.swf” rename=“assets/library.swf” preload=“true” type=“swflite”/ to no avail.

My code should work, e.g. it looks like here: Using SWC in html5 target

CharPropBitmap = Assets.getMovieClip (“library:”+loadItem);

However, I searched and tried other solutions like casting to a Bitmap to no avail.

I’m using current libraries with openfl-legacy specified

I made releases this morning that should resolve SWFLite support with OpenFL 3.0.0 beta. I also fixed the use of “-Dlegacy” (which should have no effect on HTML5). You should be able to use type="swflite" or omit the type attribute to use SWFLite on HTML5

Ok, so no more mentioning of “swflite” in config file. Still no luck.

If I trace the object, it seems a movieClip is loaded, but it has no dimensions. Same code runs fine on C++ and iOS.

-Dlegacy or not does not matter

If you force type="swflite" does it work on the desktop?

If nothing appears in HTML5, can you open a debugger and make sure there is no error?

Works fine on desktop with type=“swflite” animation gone, but appears where it should.

Do you mean a javascript console on HTML5? No error there, if I trace the object I get [object MovieClip] also a cast to bitmap works without error, but dimensions are 0.