How to use Openfl app for windows on android

I have the windows-based application build and I was thinking of using it on my phone with Exagear. Exagear is a wine-based windows emulator that is used to play games and apps. It can make apps like 3D games, old version of photoshop work. Now I dont have any info what packages would be needed to install so that the windows build of my Openfl project can work. So far if I start the exe file of the build, nothing happens. Ofc it has no java but is it all that is needed, what would be needed as packages, framework? I think it is something like windows xp but not sure

Have you considered the OpenFL Android target? What are the benefits of using a Windows app on Android instead of the native Android target?

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I would if it wasn’t painful to rebuild the app with action script 3, and mostly because it is like developing a new program from scratch with AS3, since it isnt simply to export the same code and create an apk. I was looking for a way in the past to build APK using OpenFL but a bunch of errors did not allow to compile. Also, im not sure if I had to change anything in the code to make it work. The Exagear allows zooming in and that has to be build also im not sure if it would work on OpenFL.

Is your application written with ActionScript 3, or written in Haxe?

If written in Haxe you can compile to C++ to run directly on Android

If written in ActionScript 3.0 you can use Adobe AIR

Either of these choices target Android directly and may be more reliable and perform better for the user?

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