How to use Class to store an array of differnt classes

I am trying this:

	var cls_arr:Array<Class > ;
	cls_arr = [MovieClip, SimpleButton, TextField];


and get error:
myapp/Main.hx:54: characters 19-24 : Invalid number of type parameters for Class

In order to use mixed types, you can use Array<Dynamic>.

From the Haxe documentation:

Haxe does not allow arrays of mixed types unless the parameter type is forced to Dynamic :

class Main {
   static public function main() {
       // Compile Error: Arrays of mixed types are only allowed if the type is
       // forced to Array<Dynamic>
       // var myArray = [10, "Bob", false];
       // Array<Dynamic> with mixed types
       var myExplicitArray:Array<Dynamic> = [10, "Sally", true];

Cannot I use something like Array<Class<T>> ? I tried it, but it says T is not recognized.

It appears so!

Looks like in your case you can use something like Array<Class<DisplayObject>>.
Or more generally, Array<Class<Dynamic>>.

Yes Array<Class<Dynamic>> or Array<Class<T>> seems to work

But there is a problem when I try to use a class as variable with “cast”.

var mc_class:Dynamic = MovieClip;
var mc2 = cast(instnace_mc, mc_class); 


var mc_class:Class<T>= MovieClip;
var mc2 = cast(instnace_mc, mc_class); 

both of them don’t work. The cast function is not allowing variable type. Is their any way out?

In order to create an instance to a dynamic class like that, you can use the Type.createInstance helper.

var cls_arr:Array<Class<Dynamic>>;
cls_arr = [MovieClip, SimpleButton, TextField];

var cls:Class<Dynamic> = cls_arr[0];

var mc = Type.createInstance(cls, []);

A little strange, but should get the job done!