How to update/rebuild someone else's extension?

I’ve been making use of fbricker’s admob extension.

However Google recently updated their required framework from 7.0 to 7.1

I found the admob extension on my local machine, and swapped out the old framework for the new one. I then proceeded to run:
lime rebuild [extension name] ios -clean

Everything ran fine. However upon rebuilding my actual project (also clean), I was faced with errors like:

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
“_CMTimeMakeWithSeconds”, referenced from:
-[GADVideoPlayer seekToTime:] in GoogleMobileAds(GADVideoPlayer.o)

It sounds like something wasn’t rebuilt/compiled properly, but I’m not very good with this end of the process. Any input?

I think the Build.xml needs to be updated, perhaps with CoreMedia.framework

Is the error in your project, or the extension? If in your project (and it rebuilds fine) then perhaps <dependency name="CoreMedia.framework" /> in an include.xml for the extension might fix it

I guess I’m not sure how to tell-
Rebuilding the extension offers no errors. It’s not until I compile the entire project that I see errors like the one above. I’m always using -clean, just to be safe. If I revert to the old extension, my project still compiles/runs fine though.

I’m literally only swapping the ‘GoogleMobileAds.framework’ file.
I’m assuming the old version of the extension still required CoreMedia.framework?
If so then I don’t know why it now causes an error.
I will now check for explicit inclusions of CoreMedia.framework just to be safe.

ok, it seems that an inclusion of coremedia.framework did help. guess I didn’t realize such a major change was made between ad versions.


Make sure you pull request :slight_smile:

I like to resurrect old posts…
Any luck with admob sdk 7.64 or higher?