How to switch to second video card for rendering?

I have a problem on my laptop when compile to OpenGL or WebGL/Canvas . My laptop have display memory of 112 MB, but also have Shared Memory : 2048 MB . Also on other laptop have two video cards with 128 MB and second one with 4096 GB

On both laptops when compile with hardware = true have a lag and FPS drop to 10-12 , with hardware=false everything works smoothly.

Obviously 112-128 MB is not enough for OpenGL/webGL and it not used the shared memory.
Also if I have two video cards , it always select the first one ( which have 128 MB, not one with 4 GB )

How can optimize that ? Is it possible when run my openfl app to check somehow how much video memory have and fallback to CPU rendering ?
Or is it possible to switch to second video card if have two ?

I think the engine works only with the primary adapter, so if you want to force the second video card you might adjust your system settings (e.g. on Windows, you check “Use this screen as the main screen”).

Could you use the file rename trick and see if it makes a difference?

We could consider using the NvOptimusEnablement or the Radeon approach to do it programatically