How to start using vscode?

Hi, I’ve been using OpenFL for some time now, but always relied on that old HaxeDevelop IDE - it was really nice! Now, I’m moving on to VSCode on Windows and I’m looking for some tips…

Currently I can create my project (openfl create project command) and open it on vscode without problems (I installed the Haxe/Lime/Openfl extensions). Code completion works great.

Now, I’m looking for ways to build/debug my project (VSCode noob here). On cmd I can easily build and run Windows and HTML5 versions of my project, but I’m looking for the way to do it from vscode (debug and buid the final output). Where can I get info about it?

Thank you a lot!

Ok, FeathersUI saved me with its vscode setup instructions ( by explaining a build task setup. Now I am able to run (and debug) HTML5 and Windows targets from within the VSCode app. However, the Windows debug only works once, and then I need to restart the vscode to use it again (my project exe starts but no debug output). I believe vscode is opening a listening port at the terminal that is not being closed when I quit my exe. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Ok, it’s me again… As an old Windows user, I decided to reinstall the vscode and… now everything works file. Just needed a “hard” restart…

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