How to solve this error in openfl HTML5 output

The following error does not stop my application from running, but still wondering if there is any way so that it never shows up in the console. I think, it might be making the app to run slow or use more resources than normal.

Error: WebGL: texImage2D: Incurred CPU pixel conversion, which is very slow. Main.js:25640:183
Error: WebGL: No further warnings will be reported for this WebGL context. (already reported 32 warnings)

When I click on line Main.js 25640, it jumps here :
if(textureImage.type == lime_graphics_ImageType.DATA) gl.texImage2D(gl.TEXTURE_2D,0,internalFormat,this.width,this.height,0,format,gl.UNSIGNED_BYTE,textureImage.get_data()); else gl.texImage2D(gl.TEXTURE_2D,0,internalFormat,format,gl.UNSIGNED_BYTE,textureImage.get_src());

How can I solve it ? As an experiment, I have tried removing all images ( png , jpg etc) from my application but still it shows up there.

This might be helpful:

Is there an OpenFL sample, or other code I can run that reproduces the same warning?

Perhaps you could see if using a different if in the following code (even if (true)) makes the warning go away

Ok thanks. I will look into it and check if the above changes solves the problem.

I have sent a private message to you along with the working link, as it is not possible to share the client website link here publically :slight_smile: