How to simply run/test HTML5 project in macOS browser

I’ve got a bunch of HTML5 projects that were made using OpenFl. I need to open/run any of them directly from a browser in macOS WITHOUT rebuilding the project. I need a simple way using a browser to open the default folder or the associated index.html file and have it run just like it would from a server.

I have researched this and encountered quite a few solutions that require using terminal starting a web server, editing various config files, etc. etc. Never could get that to work.

There’s gotta be either a simpler way or a free or inexpensive macOS app that to do this.

Have you tried openfl run html5.?

A very good investment is MAMP Pro. I use it a lot, and you can have as many local development servers as you like. For example you could have http://flashgame1.localhost/ and http://flashgame2.localhost/ etc.

there is also haxelib install http-server
and then inside the export folder: haxelib run http-server -o
But I think it’s the same server used in openfl.

But it should work with openfl. Test the run command.

Don’t have any openfl commands but “lime: run html5” did what I wanted. Thanks!