How to set OpenFL android full screen in all screen size devices?

I have developed a simple game in OpenFL, I had designed it for small screens (320px by 480px). When I ported it in a large screen device (720px x 1280px), the stage covers 320px by 480px while rest of the screen look black. I want to adjust the stage to screen automatically,
My Application Config is :

Lib.current.stage.scaleMode = flash.display.StageScaleMode.EXACT_FIT;
on the main function.

How may I do it, Please help?


Do you want to scale the game to fill the screen or change the stage width on height with no scale ?
I don’t think you need to set the scale mode, this is all done via the project.xml


<window width="400" height="600">

if you want your stage to be scaled to the device screen size.
If you don’t want it to scale, add unless="cpp" to the tag.