How to set -D haxeJSON


I would like to know how could I set -D haxeJSON to have the native JSON implementation on Android.

Tried to set but it looks like that this dont work.

I am struggling with sorting problems with JSON Data.

Best Christian

I’m guessing this is a follow-up for this thread? :wink:

Haxe’s JSON implementation should already used on Android (cpp), so haxeJSON wouldn’t make any difference here. As the docs state:

The haxe.Json API automatically uses native implementation on targets where it is available, i.e. JavaScript, Flash and PHP and provides its own implementation for other targets.

-D haxeJSON becomes -DhaxeJSON with Lime when compiling through the command line, or <haxedef name="haxeJSON" /> in project.xml.

Yes it is a follow-up. So there is no chance to have a sorted order of objects using JSON?

like this one?

1 : {
prestige : 0,
lottery : 1
2 : {
prestige : 300,
lottery : 1
3 : {
prestige : 600,
lottery : 1

on android these objects wont have any order

What is it you’re doing exactly? Reading JSON? Writing JSON? There’s several JSON libaries for Haxe that might help.

Couldn’t you use an array instead? No issues with order there.

We highly use JSON files as configuration for our game. Means I load a json file then reading them via haxe.JSON.parse. In most of my cases the order is relevant. I know that I could use an Array instead but this will result in a huge refactoring, as our codebase is ported from AS3.

Do you have an example lib for Haxe JSON?

As I mentioned, there’s quite a few:

I didn’t check if any of them guarantee a stable field sort order.