How to resize the window

Is there any way to resize the application window (Linux, Mac, Windows) because I feel a little bit imprisoned by the only project.xml settings and I would like to resize it to a factor of the screen resolution (which I can get from openfl.system.Capabilities).

I’ve looked around but it looks like there is no direct way, but all the ‘custom’ ones don’t work (using direct calls to some LIME functions)

any suggestion?

You can use window.resize in Lime 2, but if you’re targeting Lime legacy (OpenFL v2) then that isn’t available, I’m trying to get font rendering finished so we can push harder on going Lime 2 (OpenFL next)

is there any page that explain how to migrate from legacy to next?

also, is it a good idea to migrate (beside this window.resize which is not essential for me) like performance improvements? I know this work is huge and good for the future but right now could be time-consuming to migrate with no real payback.

anyway, I ask this because I’m trying to launch my app in NEXT but everything look messy (I rely a lot on scaleX and scaleY) and in the wrong position (almost all the sprites are in 0,0 instead the right position).

Thanks for the answer anyway, it definitely fill my question.

There has been ongoing work in the “next” renderer that hasn’t been merged (it’s in a fork) but mostly “next” needs font rendering, which I’ve been working on. Then the GL renderer can continue to mature up, the canvas and DOM renderers are pretty solid (but they’re also simpler to write)

Long-term I expect improvements to performance (especially to the display list) but its still in development, it’s a big departure from the old architecture

What I understand is basically NEXT it’s still under heavy development and far from stable/production. No need now for me to worry about it.

I wish you happy coding, really excited to see what next is going to be.
Cheers for the explanation.