How to pause an Actuate transformation

I am going to create a scheduler to create complex animations and to allow the user to control specific blocks of Actuators.
Currently I have an Array of IGenericActuators where I put all the GenericActuators returned by tweens and timers: if I want to pause them I simply call “pause” and all the Actuators pause.
Now the problem is: how do I store and pause the TransformOptions item returned by Actuate.transform? I can pause tweens and timer, but how do I pause transformations?


EDIT: is the correct approach splitting the creation of the transformation into two passages instead of inlining them as usual?
Usually the transformation is applied like this

Actuate.transform(item, time).color(0xFF0000);

that returns the TransformOptions.
But if I do first

var transform = Actuate.transform(item, time);

and THEN


I get the GenericActuator I can store in my Array.
Would you do like this?
Appearantly it is working…

Yep, if you want to pause them separately, you’ll want to separate tweens :slight_smile: