How to modify the opengl context version?

Since RenderDoc only supports opengl 3.2+

Which platform are you running on?

I believe that SDL initializes the greatest available OpenGL context version in most cases but this might be different on macOS where running in a newer GL version requires a “limited profile” that might remove features

I’m running on Windows 10.
When I tried to debug with renderdoc, it warned this.

Okay it looks like SDL might default to a compatibility profile for the current system and won’t force things up to a higher OpenGL version on its own.

The following steps should allow you to build Lime from the source with the OpenGL version forced up to 3.2 but it would be nice if we devised a way to try this without any source changes.

  1. Setup a development version of Lime
git clone
cd lime
git submodule init
git submodule update
haxelib dev lime .
  1. Open project/src/backend/sd/SDLWindow.cpp locally and add the following (near line 89):
  1. Use lime rebuild windows to rebuild the native binaries for Windows

  2. (Optional) Run lime dev lime to disable your clone and use the haxelib version of Lime again when you want