How to load math symbols and equation from external files? Especially two liner equations?

This had been bugging me since ActionScript 1. I could not find a way to load Math symbols from external text files. When we say math symbols we mean, integral signs, derivative, summation, fractions and so on, these may sometime require two or three list to display. Any way to do it?

That requires UTF-8 (or something similar) support, openfl should be better at this recently.

If you do that what happens, nothing or a wrong character(s) are displayed?

Did you try putting some of these characters directly in a string in the source file? (to test if the problem is text rendering or file reading)

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so far I could not do it, really, like how do i type an Integral sign? and summation sign? so typically i resort to lie SUM of (x_sub i) to n. It should be displayed as symbol inside flash though. All i have done are plain text.

You could copy/paste it from somewhere, otherwise unicode code seems to work:

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That site is very valuable!

How do we go about displaying this one coming from text_file?'s_equation

I think that you want something like Beamer, where you can create slides using LaTeX code :smiley:
Check this LaTeX code on an online LaTeX equation editor such as


Meanwhile you will need these unicode codes:
For your equationI think you can use Nabla (u2207) or Delta (u0394)
varphi (u03c6) φ or small L (u2113)
superscipt 2 (u00b2)

At least we got a heads up for displaying one liner equations using UTF-8. In some cases we may always deal with two liner equations like those at the mid part of Laplace’s Equation an easy work around may involve just writing them down in one line, what would be better solution than this?

Just a quick link to a project i ported to openfl, that may be of use: Hx-mathml: port of mathml lib