How to load library (used to work for me and stopped working)?


When I want to add a library, I do the following:

haxelib install libraryname

Then I do:
haxelib list

Make sure libraryname is listed.

Then I go to project.xml

Inside it I do

All this worked perfectly until today… Now I can’t seem to get it to work…
The error I’m getting is simply:

type not found libraryname.Someclassname

How do I debug this? I am very confused. Thanks!
I know it’s kind of a silly question cause this always used to work.


So weird! I closed Visual Studio Code and reopened it and things worked again! So strange.
So this is resolved.


The Lime VSCode extension doesn’t yet watch the project.xml file for changes, so code completion doesn’t update dynamically. You can find the corresponding issue here:

Note: simply switching the target or build configuration with the dropdowns in the status bar should work as well, so you don’t have to restart VSCode.