How to integrate haxe/openfl generated projects in a native one?

Hello all,

Let’s say that we got several working mobile apps made with haxe and openfl. Let’s say now that we wan’t to embed the generated source code of these apps in:

  • a native iOS project
  • a native Android projet

Is that even possible? Has anyone tried something similar? How to make the bridge between haxe generated source code and the main app?

Thank you!

Are you trying to make some basic changes surrounding the application (additional UI elements, ads, etc) or are you trying to embed these into a much larger, much fuller application?

Actually I’m trying to make catalog app which embed every small app I make and offers a lot of additional features (G+ and FB login, IAP, deep linking, push notifications…). Plus I’m willing to make native apps on iOS and Android with a very fine UI.

Thank you

We are making strides to allow OpenFL/Lime projects to embed on top of each other more easily. Today, I would be worried about being sure that shutdown can occur cleanly, so you can switch from one title to another without issue

Technically, you can modify the surrounding template for these platforms however you want, though this is not suitable for multiple titles as much as one with some additional feature (similar to the whole native extension pattern)

Thank you for the informations.

I’m considering making a catalog app in haxe (with all the titles inside) and then include it a native app. Do you thing that, with this approach, the shutdown issues won’t occur ?