How to install specific version of Lime

I tried upgrading to OpenFl 9.0.2 but ran into problems trying to do an html5 build so I reverted back to 8.9.6. I deleted my whole OpenFl, Haxe, Lime etc. and reinstalled them. Lime 7.8.0 was auto installed in the process. Now I get this warning on each build:

Warning: Lime version 7.8.0 may not be compatible with OpenFL 8.9.6 (expected version 7.7.*)

I’ve completed a project with this setup and haven’t noticed any problems but there’s no way I could test for all browsers. os, etc. setups. So to play it self I’d like to install a previous version of Lime.

Hence the question, how do I install a specific version of Lime?

haxelib install lime 7.7.0 or whichever version is compatible
it will install it and set it as current version, or if you already have it installed from before you can haxelib set lime 7.7.0

edit: Actually, you can just use haxelib set lime 7.7.0 and will ask to install if it needs to, and set it as current.

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Thanks, got it installed!

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