How to implement howlerjs on openfl?

newbie Question here…

How to implement howlerjs on openfl?

I did this- doesnt seem to work ->

The latest object uses, which uses howler.js under-the-hood on HTML5 :slight_smile:


var sound = Assets.getSound ("assets/sound.ogg"); ();

@singmajesty. Thanks for reply.

I’ve try that already it didn’t give me a luck… I’m Doing a space shooter game for HTML5 target only and every time a bullet hit the enemy i play the explosion sound.But after 20x up. it crashes. However, after i figured how to use howlerjs it works just fine now… it cache sound very well…

Here’s the sample, just incase someone have a same problem…


class Game extends Sprite{

    var snd :HowlOptions;
var explosionSnd:Howl;

    public function new() {
           snd = { src: ['sound/implo3.ogg']};
           explosionSnd = new Howl(snd);

           // play it somewhere else like ON ENTER FRAME
           explosionSnd .play();


CCould you post a link to the sound you’re using somewhere? I’d like to try and replicate the crash you’re seeing. What OpenFL version, what browser? Thanks

i using flashdevelop.

here’s the sample i made ->, i tested it chrome and firefox only…


i am using the latest update of openfl… try to run it for an hour. i hope i am right but really gives me the performance.My game now running at full 60 FPS… Awosome.

the Dropbox has a virus it hit me. dont download it. it got my other computer. Sorry.