How to hide Navigation bar using settings in project.xml

I am developing an drag and drop mobile app in Haxe, OpenFL. My draggable element gets stuck behind the navigation bar. My app perfectly fits the dimensions got from stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight area excluding the navigation bar.
Hence, I need my app to occupy the total width of the mobile screen, also the navigation bar area. The navigation bar should be hidden in devices with Immersive navigation bar (should be transparent while dragging the bar, in) I tried some of these options -

  1. in project.xml
    <window fullscreen="true" resizable="true" borderless="false" vsync="false" />
    now, the navigation bar is shown with three dots for the three buttons.

  2. While searching for solutions for this same issue, I found that some codes has to be added in and in

Please suggest me what settings has to be given in project.xml. Is there any way to achieve the required before exporting the app, I mean, settings that have to be given (in project.xml or in Main hx file), before creation of the .java files.

I fear its not configurable in project.xml, yet.

But, as you found, you can just override the android template, and set the sticky or non-sticky immersion mode.

in project.xml you have to add:

<config:android target-sdk-version="19" />

and it will work just fine :smile: