How to get JNIEnv* from cpp code?

I need get JNIEnv* from extension cpp code. How i can do this? Please help!

You can access JNIEnv* from Haxe by using lime.system.JNI.getEnv ()

You can pass this from Haxe to C++, then use it there, with a little bit of CFFI:

import lime.system.CFFI;
import lime.system.JNI;


testextension_init (JNI.getEnv ());


private static var testextension_init = CFFI.load ("testextension", "testextension_init", 1);
value testextension_init (value env) {
    JNIEnv* jni = (JNIEnv*)(uintptr_t)val_data (env);
    // do something with jni variable

DEFINE_CFFI (testextension_init, 1);
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