How to enter full screen mode in windows desktop, alt+enter no worky?

This is basic but either I’m losing it or it used to work, actually just tested on old compiles and it worked. New keys ?
Am I missing something ?

It should work by default on Windows and Linux (I forget the Mac shortcut), unless you stop propagation on the key event?

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It’s happening on a blank project with no halted propagation of key events.
At least window fullscreen = “true” is working, just not alt+Enter switching. The key combo works on older compiles.

So it’s just me getting this to not work, everyone else just alt+enters away and it’s fine and dandy ?

New OpenFL and Lime and still getting the same, I can get fullscreen if I set it to “true” in project.xml but I cannot alt+Enter out of it…
Am I missing some basic project.xml setting that doesn’t allow for alt+Enter to work if it is not included ?

Alt + Enter is working here (and Ctrl + Alt + F or whatever that default shortcut is on Mac)

Try one of the core OpenFL samples, and see if it works, if it does, perhaps you have a project that is canceling the default behavior?

Ok. Tried Heroku Shaders and Bunny Mark. Not working.

It may be worth trying add trace statements here in your copy of Lime:

See if the keyCode == RETURN, what the modifier value is, if the key event is canceled and if it tries to change the window.fullscreen value

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Thanks, will look see what happens.