How to dispose Lime image?

What’s the analogue of BitmapData.dispose() for Lime Image?

Lime Image has an ImageBuffer behind it which may contain a canvas, Flash BitmapData, uint8array of bytes, etc.

It does not hold any hardware textures – it is software only.

Nulling the reference and letting GC take care of it is generally how its done, but I’m open to a dispose method if there’s a benefit/we have a way of forcibly disposing of those objects

I added image.buffer = null before image = null to OpenFL’s BitmapData.dispose method and it makes sense!

In current versions of OpenFL after runtime resource loading (at least for HTML5 target) you can do something like:

addChild(new Bitmap(Assets.getBitmapData("some_bitmap.jpg")));//you will see the bitmap!

After adding image.buffer = null this won’t work anymore, and the memory for the disposed image will be freed (so looks like this is a solution for the dilemma concerning graphics here; for sounds assets Sound.close calls should be added somewhere to the library unloading code).

curious – I wonder why the image.buffer is kept in memory if the reference is not nulled out :confused: