How to disable cache killer when loading assets?

In HTML5, I’ve noticed that when loading assets, a random number is added to the assets path, like ?776881
Is there a way to disable or set this number? how is it created?

Is it causing trouble?

No trouble, but I want to make sure that no new random number each refresh of the page.
The random number shall be changed on each compilation.

That’s why, I need to know, when this number is generated actually?

Compile time :slight_smile:

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Hello @singmajesty as I am using AWS Cloudfront , I need to utilize caching as not all releases I do have assets changed. How can I manually set that random number? ex: at least when my assets are not changed.


I think from openfl 8.8.0+ you can use lime-assets-version=xxxx to manually set the cache version.

So just add this line to your project.xml file:
<haxedef name="lime-assets-version" value="1234" />

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: