How to debug swflite


I need to fix a bug on swflite (issue).

I’m pretty sure the bug occurs in SWFLiteExporter.hx that forgets data on some frames.

I don’t really know how the tools is executed (I guess Tools.hx from swflite lib is compiled before my project) and my problem is that I don’t know how to debug this because I can’t get any traces and breakpoints on flashdevelop don’t work.

Any advice ?

To rebuild the library, go to the “tools” folder and run haxe build.hxml.

Also, HaxeDevelop seems to be better than FlashDevelop at debugging OpenFL apps.

Other than that, you could try hxcpp-debugger.

Thanks for your answer. I will try HaxeDevelop following your advice.

I finally get traces in my app in FlashDevelop. Here is my method :

-add traces in swflite classes
-add a throw after all the traces (this is needed because when your app will be compiled right after swflite it will delete the traces from swflite, so you have to stop the process)
-execute build.hxml from the tools folder of swflite by double-clicking on it
-compile your project