How to debug OpenFL with Html5 target?

Hi guys I am new in Haxe/OpenFL, installed HaxeDevelop and want to debug html5 target, like it is in as3/flash.
is it possible?

You have to put breakpoints in your browser debugger. And yeah you can open .hx files in the debugger and put breakpoints in it thanks to source mapping (you have to compile in debug mode of course to unlock source mapping).

Gamification of the debugging process? :wink:

  • compile in debug mode
  • open the debugger of your browser when your app is launched (CTRL+SHIFT+I on Opera/Chrome and F12 on IE)
  • open a .hx file in this debugger
  • set breakpoints
  • use your app

Hi so it is impossible to debug in HaxeDevelop? like in AS3?