How to copy all Asset contents recursively to Export directory?

I think I’m simply making a small mistake by overseeing the correct solution but I’m stuck with an very basic problem:

How is the correct configuration to copy the complete Assets directory to the output directory with all it’s sub- and subsubfolders?

I simply need the contents of /Assets/data copied to /Export/flash/data, /Export/html5/data . Everything in data should be copied.

I tried several approaches but think this should do the job - but it doesn’t:
<assets path="Assets/data" rename="data" include="*"/>

Aaah. To be a little more specific: For Html5 this does actually happen, but for flash all assets seem to be included into the compiled swf.

So the question is: How to I avoid this - but copy everything like for html5 target?

And how do I avoid preloading of all this assets?

You can add embed="false" to the <assets /> tag,
it should do both things you need.

EDIT: corrected from “embeded” to “embed”.

Hi and thanks, I tried it but it doesn’t work and I didn’t find and documentation about it?

What does the job seems to be
<assets path="Assets/data" rename="data" type="template"/>

But on the Flash target I get the error - Error: SWF Library not found : Export/flash/obj/assets.swf

So I added another line to embed empty text - which avoids the text for now. So this is what I have so far:

<!-- copy full data directory to export root --> <assets path="Assets/data" rename="data" type="template"/> <!-- embed empty string to avoid errors --> <assets path="Assets/empty.txt" rename="empty.txt"/>

Now is my question: How can I avoid the occured error (at least on the flash target)?

Sorry I misspelled it, it’s embed="false".

Aaaaah! :slight_smile: Thank you!