How to clear html5 memory?

Recently I check my html5 game memory never goes down. But on flash and android the memory goes down. Same source code.

Example case :

  1. flash / android : main menu (memory 50mb) - stage 1 (memory 200mb) - back to main menu (memory 50mb)
  2. html5 : main menu (memory 50mb) - stage 1 (memory 200mb) - back to main menu (memory still at 200mb)

I already did :

  1. reset all variable to null
  2. Remove all EventListener
  3. Remove all children
  4. Assets.cache.clear and System.gc every 3 seconds

Note : I check the memory use Chrome > More Tools > Task Manager.

try to null all your image bitmap and bitmapdata if you’re using it…

I already did it.

So I try with 1 class MainMenu (very simple) :

  1. 1 background
  2. 1 title

And I tried it with 2 case :

  1. empty class - 50MB memory on chrome. So the default take 50MB
  2. show my mainmenu - 55MB memory on chrome. So my mainmenu take 5MB. Then I call function destroy on mainmenu, which reset / null all variable that I used on mainmenu class. But the memory still at 55MB. It should back to 50MB right? Because when I tried on flash / android my memory goes down back to default.

Or maybe is there any simple project that showing memory goes down? So I’m know I do it correctly or not.

public function new() {
	bg 	  = new Bitmap (Assets.getBitmapData("images/bg1.png"));
	title = new Bitmap (Assets.getBitmapData("images/title.png"));
	addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, destroyMainMenu, false, 0, true);

private function destroyMainMenu(e:MouseEvent) {
	removeEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, destroyMainMenu);
	bg = null;
	title = null;		

Also I notice a different memory usage of openfl 4.9.2 + lime 4.0.2 vs openfl 5.1.5 + lime 5.2.1.
Openfl 5.1.5 + lime 5.2.1 use memory bigger than old version openfl 4.9.2 + lime 4.0.2.

Here’s the comparison result using same source code

  1. openfl 4.9.2 + lime 4.0.2 : 200mb
  2. Openfl 5.1.5 + lime 5.2.1 : 375mb

I test it on same class of my game.

Try OpenFL 5 with openfl test html5 -Dcanvas and compare that with the older release

I’m using flash develop. Is -Dcanvas enough on selection target?

Because I already did -Dcanvas on example above.

Also how about clear memory on html5? Is there any simple example that working?

I would expect this to be based on the garbage collection of the browser?

Garbage Collection browser was automatically right?

But my memory never goes down, It’s cause my game crashed on mobile device with low memory ram.

If we can clear the memory / reset it. It will very help the html5 performance on mobile device with low memory ram.

Specially when I using animation spritesheet, it’s need a lot of memory.

At this moment, I can’t clear the memory although I have remove the animation :frowning:

Any solution for this issue?

Do you think there is any way to know what objects are still in memory?