How to change gradle version and android gradle plugin?


I would like to change the gradle version to 4.4 and the android gradle plugin to 3.1.0
I tried the following:

android gradle-version=“4.4”
android gradle-plugin=“3.1.0”

in my project.xml file but it does not work, showing this error message:

Failed to apply plugin [id ‘’]

Gradle version 2.10 is required. Current version is 4.4. If using the gradle wrapper, try editing the distributionUrl in C:\perforce\cs_ExtensionModuleSystem\ExtensionModule\bin\android\bin\gradle\wrapper\ to

Whats wrong?

Lime build tools version is 5.9.1.

Any help will be appreciated.

Are you doing it like <config:android gradle-version="" />?

I used <android gradle-version=“4.4 /> so that was my mistake, with your node it works.

Is there any flag to turn on gradle debugging/logging?

I’m not sure, is there a define or some other way of normally enabling more verbose Gradle output, when using it manually?

Yes, like gradle ‘task’ --info, gradle ‘task’ --stacktrace or gradle ‘task’ --debug

Perhaps we should call some of these automatically, based on existing flags, such as --info when using -verbose, or --debug when using -debug, or perhaps this is not really desired. Should --stacktrace always be defined, or does that really slow down the build?

This would be cool. Stacktrace is not desired.