How to avoid tearing on large bitmap?

So i have a large bitmap i redraw evey frame, and its causing some pretty bad tearing even with vsync on.
Any ideas what can be done to avoid this? Win / Cpp target


texture = Lib.current.stage.stage3Ds[0].context3D.createRectangleTexture(theWidth, theHeight, BGRA, true);
bitmap.bitmapData = BitmapData.fromTexture(texture);


NativeArray.setUnmanagedData(bufferMem, getPixelData(), frameSize);
texture.uploadFromByteArray( Bytes.ofData(cast(bufferMem)), 0 );

Do you know if this occurs with ordinary BitmapData in OpenFL, outside Stage3D?

Hmm… do you mean when blitting pixels directly to the bitmap? Is the performance is good enough to do that for a full screen bitmap?

Well, it may help to determine if this is specific to Stage3D texture uploads, or if it applies in general to rendering with a large bitmap in the standard OpenFL renderer