How to appendchild div to openfl sprite?

function init() 
	if (inited) return;
	inited = true;
	_container = new Sprite(); = "container";
	var doc = Browser.document;
	var view:DivElement = doc.createDivElement();
            // the follow can not work

By default, OpenFL uses one canvas element for rendering, so you cannot add a DOM element into the display list, since the whole rendering occurs only in element in the DOM.

However, using -Ddom when compiling does use separate elements on the DOM. This should be compatible with the openfl.display.DOMSprite class, which would look like this:

var container = new Sprite ();
addChild (container);

var div = Browser.document.createElement ("div");
var domSprite = new DOMSprite (div);
container.addChild (div);
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