How To Add New Game Pads To Lime

I am working in a Linux Environment and am needing to add some new game pads to Lime. I have a Switch Pro Controller that Connects to Bluetooth. It is recognized by my PC and is seen by all my game pad utilities (jstest, AntiMicroX, etc) But it is not found by Lime. I used the OpenFL GamepadInput project and the HaxeFlixel GamePadTest but neither sees it.

I downloaded and switched to the Lime Dev build. I used AntiMicroX to get the SDL Mapping String for the Switch Controller. I added that string to lime/ui/Window.hx linux mapping block. I then ran “lime rebuild linux -64” But the controller is still not found by either the OpenFL or HaxeFlixel gamepad tests after I rebuild them.

Is there another step I missed to add this controller or others I may want to add?