How to access Camera in Android and iOS?

Need to access Camera and the image taken by it. Found one Native Extension


But it does not compile and throws error. Being 2 years old, I hope thats expected.

Any pointer to a working solution ?


What’s the error you get?

Thanks for the reply. The error says error: package org.haxe.extension.extensionkit does not exist

You need to install extensionkit package from the same developer.


git clone
git clone
lime rebuild extensionkit [linux|windows|mac|android|ios]
lime rebuild camera [linux|windows|mac|android|ios]

Package name is misleading, as that’s not coming haxe developers

thanks for the reply.

I do have both of these one folder and then run the rebuild commands.

When I try to build the project of mine, it simply throws the error mentioned.

Any further directions to fix this.
My guess is, it simply could not find the "exensionkit"

I managed to write my own extension for Android with a name AnCam. For the time being iOS have to wait.

I have tested my extension on Android and seems to be working fine. The github repo location is this.
Hope that helps someone.

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