How start app on windows maximize

Did anyone know how start app maximized, not fullscreen on windows.

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Maybe something like this?

<window width="0" height="0" if="windows" />

That would use the full available screen space, without going fullscreen. If you mean that it is just a normal window, then just don’t set “fullscreen” and it should be a standard window (and not minimized)

Thanks for quick answer.
I try , but this start app in size of window control buttons.

Hmm, that used to work with SDL 1.2, this must have changed with SDL 2, I’m not 100% sure this functionality is exposed at the moment, though getting the desktop resolution and doing a resize while running are both supported by SDL. Lime 2 (non-legacy) supports window resizing, but I can’t remember what’s in legacy already (which is what OpenFL uses for native by default at the moment)

One possible solution is to build this functionality within a Native Extension, and then use C++ to maximize your window when the app starts.

Here’s some resources: