How is openfl's Starling?

I’m creating a 2D platform game that will be in native windows and either flash or html5. How good is Starling in those platforms? Should I use it or stick with vanilla OpenFL for now? Any other suggestions are welcome too since I’m also dealing with color transform and filters not working.

Going with Starling or vanilla OpenFL is really a matter of personal preference, the current OpenFL Stage3D and Staring support are stable, but even if you don’t use Starling, the OpenFL display list is GPU accelerated.

Is OpenFL GUP accelerated even when targeting Flash?

Last time I compiled to Flash (with OpenFL 2.*), FlashDevelop debug showed it used vanilla Flash. Is it changed, or do I still have to go Starling on Flash platform by myself to use GPU acceleration?

Yes, if you go to Flash Player, you will be using the normal display list, so you would need to use Stage3D to enable acceleration in Flash Player

On the reverse, OpenFL allows for software if hardware acceleration is not available (for example, if the current browser doesn’t support have WebGL enabled), but OpenFL + Stage3D requires hardware acceleration, so the OpenFL display list has an advantage if hardware isn’t available

Both are okay choices :slight_smile: