How do you add a launch image/Splash image to mobile?

I have these in my project file:

<launchImage path="Assets/Default.png" if="ios"/>
<splashScreen path="Assets/Default.png" if="ios"/>
<icon path="Assets/ico-120.png" size="120" if="ios" />

But the only that seems to be working for me here is the icon. The other two don’t seem to do anything. Using openfl [4.5.2]

We do not currently do resizing for splash screens, similar to what we do for icons. As a result, you’ll need to add multiple splash screen tags for each resolution:

I think there is a crossover here, between “Splash Screen” images for android, and the anticipated use of an early starting preloader screen with progress (someone brougt it up in the preloader thread recently, i’d thought it wasn’t possible)


so am posting this to make the link between the two discussions !