How can I force refresh the stage?

Is their anything that can force refresh the stage ? I tried to find, stage.refresh(), but no success. I am seeing my movieclips, leave trails of previous frames sometimes. So, I just want to remove them.

What platform is this on? I’ve never seen this issue before.

On html 5. I am testing on firefox. On Flash, it’s all fine. The movieclip has a lot of animations and nested animations though. Making spritesheet out of it will be a heavy task, so cannot go for that option right now.

I’ve never heard of this, is it different in another browser? Is it a conflict between OpenFL and another library?

hmm… I checked on google chrome too , and I can see last 2 or 3 frames of the ball show up. And as far as i understand, it’s related to stage not being able to erase the previous frame drawings.

So, I converted each frame containing moveiclip into bitmap (inside Flash CC) . And the issue seems to be solved. If it happens again I will send you the html project test link. Thanks.

PS: No i don’t think, there is any conflict. I am using Open FL only.

Is it DOM, Canvas or the GL renderer?

Sorry, I am not sure what you are asking. Open FL is related with canvas. Right ?
If you are asking the version, I am using Open FL 4.5.0

Here is a html5 test link :

1st click will run the animation, 2nd click will stop at frame 1. Click again to run… and so on.

When I test it at my side, it sometimes show previous frames. It’s more likely show on the left one ( vector ), as compared to right one(btimap). Also, if the cpu is already busy, then too, it may show very often.

swf link:

source :

The source does not appear to be available, is there any chance I could try it?

This looks to be a bug, not an issue of the stage not clearing. It probably is an issue with the tween not working properly. What kind of tweens are you using? (classic tween, new tweens, etc)

Oh sorry for the typo in the link. Here is the correct link :

I am using the new tween ( provided by Animate’s GUI ) for tweening the head part only.

I think this kind of tween is not supported currently.

I converted the tween to a frame-by-frame animation, and it worked.

“Classic tweens” work, to my knowledge, but I think the newer kind would need more work

Oh…ok I see. That’s good to know. I will use the old tweens then. Thanks for your time and looking into it.